Len Hansen

The Canadian born artist has been an active professional musician, composer and visual artist since the age of thirteen. At the age of sixteen he began working as a professional actor/singer for the home town theatre. Ever before that he was performing his own material at venues all across the country. He left his home in northern Canada as a young man and has more or less remained in Europe ever since.


"A beautiful sound, a great voice and fantastic songs. A little unplugged, a little acoustic a litte folk, a little rock, a little wise, a little jazz, a little reggae, a little earth, a little Celtic, a little country, a little romance, a little Flamenco, a little ambient, a little bilingual, a little Latin, a whole lot of visual and maybe even a little bit more. We'll leave that up to you."


Len is an artist who at any given time is able to capture moods, experiences and surroundings in such a way that his songs from the 70's smell of insence, his songs from the 80's sound like a busy day at the exchange, the songs from the 90's are in need of a good shampoo and the ones from the 00's were happy to escape the forseen armageddon.


"For the first time in my life I can share my songs and art with the whole world, that's a miracle and it makes me real happy. Sure hope you enjoy my tune's and art wherever you might be, and by the way, there's lots more to come in the very near future."


Len Hansen the visual artist has his education from The Ontario College of Art & Design, where he obtained a Master of Fine Arts Degree, and from Granum Kunstskole in Oslo.


"From the day my older brother locked me in the upstairs closet, for a whole day, together with an ancient easel, a rocking horse and an age old sunburst acoustic guitar, I've been plugging away at being creative in what ever which way possible".


He has also worked extensively as an arts teacher, both in Norway, in his own studio in Oslo, and Italy at the Thor Heyerdahl Residence. He has tought over 400 students in total.


He was employed by the Immanuel Vigelands Museum in Oslo for 5 years, and his oil sketch for the monumental painting "Psychic Missils" from 1995 is now to found on the wall of Sarah Epsteins house (of the Epstein Munch Collection Washington DC).